Buy HCG Injections
(U.S. Prescription)

Buy HCG Injections
(U.S. Prescription)


The medical term for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is HCG. It is a natural hormone produced in a woman’s body during pregnancy. The HCG Diet requires either an injection of HCG daily or an HCG table placed under the tongue.

The HCG injections are given in small amounts and is taken while on a low 500 Calorie Diet. The daily combination of the HCG injection and the 500 Calorie Diet have assisted patients in losing an average of up to 1 pound per day for men and slightly less for women. This fast losing diet allows patients to reach their desired weight goals more quickly.

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HCG injections are taken each day for a period of either 23 or 40 days [plus 3 days while the HCG is still in the body] depending on the amount of weight the patient desires to lose.

Those wishing to lose up to 20 lbs. or less normally undergo a diet treatment for 23 days with the 500 Calorie. Those patients that want to lose more than 20 lbs. normally undergo a diet treatment for 40 days. For those patients wanting to lose more than 35 lbs., the 40 day diet can be repeated after a 6 week resting period.

There is little or no physical reaction or pain with the HCG injections. The injection needle is tiny, only 31 gauge thin and only 1/2 inch long — the size of an insulin needle. That’s thinner than a strand of angle hair pasta and shorter than the width of a paper staple — if you can imagine that! The needle just penetrates the skin and enters your fat, but it is not long enough to reach a muscle.

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HCG injections are not know to have any major side effects — remember it is a natural hormone during pregnancy. However, Dr. Simeons reports that there may be minor aches and fluctuation in libido. Also, it has been reported to reduce headaches during hormonal change such as during a menstrual cycles or pregnancy, as well as the lowering of blood pressure.

If you are taking other medications, consult your Primary Care Physician before beginning a cycle of HCG. Your doctor can tell you whether HCG weight loss Diet injections or tablets are the proper option for you.

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HCG Injection Phobia

I can’t think of anyone who LIKES to get an injection. To some, there is a real phobia no matter what the needle size! To others it doesn’t bother them in any way and the majority fall in the middle — “I’ll take it, but I don’t like it”.


Injections are a relatively convenient way to deliver medication that would otherwise be slowly absorbed if taken by mouth. For example: Injections for people with diabetes; Epinephrine injections for people with severe allergic reactions; and Injections for weight control with HCG.