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The 5 Step Process to Buying Medically Supervised HCG Online

1. Choose Product Plan – Choose the plan that fits your weightloss needs.
2. PreAuthorize Credit Card – TeleHCG will initially only authorize and not process your credit card for purchase.
3. Fill out Patient Health Form – HIPPA compliant form with your medical history.
4. Schedule Consultation – Schedule a time to talk with the Dr. (No add’l charge.)
5. Consultation – After Dr. approval, your card is charged and pharmacy ships within 24-48hrs.

You will not be billed until after Dr. approval and authorization.



(Includes Free Shipping)


(Includes Free Shipping)


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(Includes Free Shipping)

All HCG is from U.S. Licenced Pharmacy and
Medical Personnel Tele-Consultation (Included)

Note: HCG remains in the body for three additional days after taking the last injection or tablet. For example: on a 43 day diet, there are 40 injections or tables plus the three days that the HCG remains in the body.