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HCG DROPS For Weight Loss


First off, the biggest misconception about HCG Drops for weight loss is that they are the same as HCG injections or HCG Tablets.

They’re not!

Unfortunately, nowadays the most commonly used version of this is the homeopathic HCG drops or “Natural” HCG drops.  However, if you re going to go on a 500 calorie diet like the HCG Simeons Protocol, then this will NOT work. Yes, you can starve yourself daily, but without the Dr. prescribed Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone from a licensed pharmacy, your body will NOT be supplementing your daily caloric requirement using your subcutaneous fat (belly fat).

So from here we are just going to be talking about Medically Supervised HCG Drops acquired through a prescription.

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Generic Homeopathic HCGG Drops are Worthless

2 Big Problems with HCG Drops

1. Dosage of HCG Drops Can Cause Hunger

Do to the face that HCG Drops are taken orally, you can not get the dosage correct…and with the HCG diet this is CRITICAL. If you are off only a few iu’s it can cause hunger because you are not getting enough HCG. This can be caused by the mere fact that you are swallowing the HCG drops and its not all fully getting absorbed into your bloodstream before hitting your stomach and digestive track.

2. Oral HCG Drops Is A Pain In The Butt

You have to take the Drops 2-3 times a day and you cant eat for about 30 minutes BEFORE or AFTER. Now when your eating only 500 calories a day most people don’t eat breakfast but you need to start your drops when you wake, but then your starving by lunch and dont have much left for dinner. Its a crazy YoYo that make the whole HCG Diet a nightmare.

With HCG injections, its once in the morning and done for the day. No creeping hunger now wondering if you took enough or too much. Each dose of injections is SPOT ON!

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Injection Phobia

I can’t think of anyone who LIKES to get an injection. To some, there is a real phobia no matter what the needle size! To others it doesn’t bother them in any way and the majority fall in the middle — “I’ll take it, but I don’t like it”.

US Prescription Based HCG Injections are the #1 way to acheive the best results on your HCG Diet.

  • Accurate Dosage
  • Single Daily Application
  • Smallest Needle Used (Pain Free)
  • 100% Absorption
  • Over 20,000 TeleHCG Success stories!
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An Easier HCG Drops Alternative

HCG using Rapid Dissolving Tablets (RTD) or HCG Sublinguals has been a wonderful alternative for those not wanting to take an injection.

Over the years, we have used various types of ‘HCG tablets’ that all had some kind of objectionable characteristic. For example, Troches (a soft, gel-like pill) did not dissolve well or didn’t taste great or were too big.

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