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Over the past few years, HCG Tablets have become very popular. The reason is obvious the HCG Diets works. People in every country have read, followed, and have been successful with Dr. Simeons’ HCG diet for over 70 years.

More recently, the Internet has increased everyone’s knowledge and awareness of HCG through blogs, chat rooms, texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. People have been able to verify the successes, see the thousands of before and after pictures and have heard the heartfelt stories of changed lives.

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HCG Tablets

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As with anything popular, someone or some company always tries to improve or find an element that people would like to see different. In the case of HCG, it is the HCG injections. Some people would not, under any circumstances, take an injection or give one to themselves.

To be honest, initially some of our patients voiced a concern about taking an injection. However, once instructed, more than 95% changed their minds. They realized that the needles are so small and the injected amount is so minuscule that when they actually tried it, their misgivings disappeared.

HCG also is administered in a Rapid Dissolving Tablet (RTD) and has been a wonderful alternative for those not wanting to take an injection.