Patient understands and agrees that the HCG and any HCG Related Products [referred herein as “HCG”] requires a Prescription from licensed U.S. Pharmacy [referred herein as “Pharmacy”]. New Beginnings Medical, LLC and/or TeleHCG, LLC [referred herein as “NBM”] will attempt to facilitate and manage the process to acquire Patient’s desired HCG under the laws and statutes of the state of Florida and the Patients state of residency. The patient further understands that Patient’s credit card will not be charged for the desired HCG until Patient has agreed and successfully completed a medical audio/visual internet Consultation [referred herein as “Consultation”]. However, if Patient is not approved by the medical personnel conducting the Consultation to acquire the desired HCG or Patient does not participate in the Consultation, all credit card charges will be refunded.

Patient understands that under state and federal laws, once any prescription product or medication leaves the care and custody of the Pharmacy, it is unlawful for the Pharmacy to accept their return of that prescription HCG product and no refund will be granted. If Patient has a grievance concerning the quality of the HCG, it will be addressed by NBM with the fulfilling U.S. pharmacy to determine if a refund for that specific purpose is warranted.