Technically HCG stands for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”.

Technically HCG stands for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin” which is not easy to remember so most people know HCG as a natural human hormone that is produced during a woman’s pregnancy. It’s role purpose is to maintain the progesterone production that is critical during a pregnancy. Researchers believe that HCG can provide pregnant women with extra immunity during pregnancy and can actually help the body burn abnormal fat. The result is that the burning of this type of fat can be used to aid in weight loss when combined with a healthy low calorie diet.

The history of the HCG Diet begins in the 1950’s with Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons of Rome, Italy. He was born in London and graduated [summa cum laude: with honors] with an MD at the University of Heidelberg. He is the author, researcher and scientist who developed this HCG Diet protocol more than 60 years ago. His research covered forty years of grappling with the fundamental problem of people being over-weight. Throughout those forty years he investigated every new theory, method and promising lead. He experimentally screened and critically evaluated each aspect of them.

Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons

Dr. Simeons was a noted endocrinologist, world traveler, and Red Cross Order of Merit recipient. However, he is best known today for his innovations in using the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to treat obesity.

Dr. Simeons was born in London, England and graduated summa cum laude [with honors] with a medical degree from the prestigious University of Heidelberg in Germany. He is the author of several medical books and has contributed to many scientific publications.

His most famous book was published in 1954 and was titled “Pounds and Inches”. It is from this landmark study that the modern HCG Diet Protocol derives its approach. In the manuscript, Dr. Simeons discusses the complex combinations of contributors to obesity. He outlines the three main causes of obesity: genetic disposition, glandular disorders and culture. To combat an imbalance resulting from these factors of obesity, Dr. Simeons devised his HCG Diet Protocol, which recommends a low dose of the HCG hormone and outlines menus for a particular low calorie diet of 500 Calories.


“The protocol [the HCG Diet protocol program] was everything that I hoped it would be no hunger, no food cravings, no grumpiness, no feeling of deprivation, no fatigue, a dramatic reshaping of the body with the burning of the secure problem are fat deposits.”

His results have been documented and heralded in Medical Journals around the world. Dr. Simeons then wrote his findings in a book entitled “Pounds and Inches”. Even though the book is filled with medical jargon, it can give the reader a thorough understanding of how the HCG Diet came to be and the research that went into its findings.


“This book discusses a new interpretation of the nature of obesity and while it does not advocate yet another fancy slimming diet it does describe a method of treatment which has grown out of theoretical considerations based on clinical observation.”

In his studies he found that in all cases of weight loss which were brought about by dieting, thyrod treatments, appetite-reducing drugs, laxatives, violent exercise, massage, or baths, the loss is only temporary and will be rapidly regained as soon as the reducing regimen is relaxed or eliminated.

His conclusion is simple, “none of these diet measures [or methods] corrects the basic disorder”. Through the HCG Diet Protocol Program the “basic disorder” is addressed, targeted and finally controlled.


When someone overweight goes on a diet, they try to reduce their weight by starving themselves. By starving, they will first lose their Normal Body Fat. When the Normal Body Fat is exhausted, the body naturally begins to burn up it’s Structural Body Fat and then only as a last resort, the body yields to losing its Abnormal Body Fat.

After that, the dieter usually feels weak, tired, and hungry. Their face becomes drawn and haggard. However, when they look in the mirror the fat in their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms shows little improvement. The fat they have come to detest remains and the fat they need to cover their bones has gotten less and less. Their skin wrinkles and they look old and miserable. Dr. Simeons believed this to be one of the most frustrating and depressing experiences a human being can have.

Dr. Simeons findings suggest that being overweight has its psychological effects also and the patients only feel physically well as long as their weight is staying stationary or they are not gaining. That doesn’t mean that they do not feel guilty or ashamed about what they have been led to believe is a lack of personal eating control. They may also feel horrified by the appearance of their nude body and the tightness of their clothes. Being overweight is a vicious cycle that a person must navigate.


This was the secret to the diet’s success story. So, how does HCG work? It’s a “naturally occurring hormone” that is produced during a woman’s pregnancy by the developing embryo [baby] soon after conception and thereafter it is found in the placenta.

Through a series of trials and experiments on thousands of patients, Dr. Simeons found that the best diet results were achieved by injecting a tiny amount of HCG into a patient [or taking an under the tongue tablet] and restricting the patient’s diet to 500 Calories a day, the patient averaged a loss of up to one pound a day [slightly less for women].

When the HCG entered the body, it would react to the Abnormal body fat and that fat would enter the patients bloodstream and exit through the body’s urine. That disposable fat helps to feed the body 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day. When those calories are added to the 500 calorie diet, the patient does not feel hungry and is able to lose the weight.


In all probability this is not your first diet! Is it? A good reason to start this one is that the others did not produce the results you expected. The HCG Diet Program is different. You will see a new and improved you. Your life expectancy can increase and your overall well being can be enhanced. Believe it! It’s true!

Now the tough part. There are requirements.

  • Measurements and weight should be recorded daily along with you medical history. Strict adherence to the 500 Calorie Diet and eating ONLY permitted foods is essential to your success. YOU WILL NOT BE HUNGRY IF YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! The HCG in your body will reduce or eliminate your food cravings.
  • Take your body measurements and weight each morning and RECORD THEM IN A
  • Be sure to take before and after photos — you won’t believe the change.
  • The minimum diet last 26 days — even if you want to lose just 10 pounds