Arousal [Scream] Cream


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Strength: 30 ML [30/0,5/50/10/1/60 mg/ml]

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Studies have indicated that most women have more intense sexual feelings when compared to men.  However, with age, those tendencies decrease and many women experience less intense sensations.  It is not unusual for some women to struggle with feeling aroused and in the mood for sex or have a less intense orgasm or no orgasm at all.  If you have ever experienced any of these situations, the Arousal Cream can be an effective solution for enhancing a woman’s sex drive and sexual stimulation enhancement.


Applying Arousal Cream

Apply Arousal Cream directly to the genitals and massage around the area until absorbed.  This action will increase the blood flow until it has been thoroughly absorbed into the skin.  This helps dilate the blood vessels.

Arousal Cream Precautions

If you have contraindications with intercourse, you should consult your healthcare provider before using this medication and engaging in intercourse.  You should not use this cream if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, have a history of genital herpes, chronic vaginal infections, or serious medical conditions such as heart disease or autoimmune disorder.

DO NOT USE AROUSAL CREAM while pregnant or trying to become pregnant.  Also, as a testosterone-containing product, Arousal Cream is contraindicated or not advised as a course of treatment or procedure, in women who are breast-feeding.

Adverse Reactions or Side Effects

Arousal Cream is not completely absorbed into the skin it may cause irritation with your partner.  The side effects are minimal but may include skin irritation, headache, dizziness, and restlessness. Call your health care provider immediately if you are experiencing any signs of an allergic reaction, skin rash, itching or hives, swelling of the face, lips, or tongue, blue tint to the skin, chest tightness, pain, difficulty breathing, wheezing, dizziness, red, swollen painful area on the leg.

How is this Medication Best Taken

Apply 1/4—1/2 ML of cream onto the clitoris and/or external genital area 15-30 minutes prior to sex.  Arousal Cream should be massaged gently in the area until it is completely absorbed.  The duration of effect is 30 minutes to 2 hours and reapplication may occur as needed.  Make sure to talk to your health care provider or pharmacist about how frequently you should be using arousal Cream and how much you should apply.


Store this medication at 68—77 degrees and away from heat, moisture, and light.  Throw away any unused medicine after the beyond-use date.  Do not flush unused medications or pour down a sink or drain.