Size: 10,000 IU/ Vial

$396.00 Patient Pays to TeleHCG
$299.00* Patient Pays Directly to Pharmacy
$695.00 Total Price
Usage Examples
150iu Injections equals 60 injections **
Note: Can be used for TWO – 30 Day Diets
200iu Injections equals 50 injections **
Note: Can be used for TWO – 25 Day Diets
* Note: The Pharmacy price can vary slightly depending on the current price of HCG.
** Note: Sufficient syringes, Alcohol swabs and Mixing Syringe for a 60-Day Diet will be shipped FREE by 2nd day UPS from our supply pharmacy.

Combined with 500 calories daily diet, HCG Injections can assist individuals in losing an average of upto 1 pound of fat per day

  • All HCG is from Large U.S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies (NON-Compounding)
  • Medical Doctor Tele-Consultation (Included)
  • Includes Free Shipping

Note:HCG remains in the body for three additional days after taking the last injection.