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    Strength: 2.50%

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    Nail Fungus will continue to become worse and more difficult to treat the longer it is left to grow and spread. Treatment of Nail Fungus can be a long and frustrating process when incorrect or incomplete treatment methods are used. Nail fungus is difficult to treat due to the average time before seeing results and the general lack of understanding regarding topical treatments properly. The fungus grows underneath the nail bed, making it difficult to target.
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    Studies have indicated that most women have more intense sexual feelings when compared to men.  However, with age, those tendencies decrease and many women experience less intense sensations.  It is not unusual for some women to struggle with feeling aroused and in the mood for sex or have a less intense orgasm or no orgasm at all.  If you have ever experienced any of these situations, the Arousal Cream can be an effective solution for enhancing a woman’s sex drive and sexual stimulation enhancement.
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    Strength: 200 MG/ML

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    Glutathione (GSH) is composed of three amino acids combined to produce a peptide that is both a powerful antioxidant and performs several critical roles in the body. According to researchers this peptide is so essential to optimum health that the level of Glutathione in cells could possibly be used to predict how long an organism lives.
  • The 50-60 Day Program

    Size: (2) 5,000iu Vials

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    Usage Examples
    150iu Injections equals 60 days *
    Note: Can be used for TWO - 30 Day Diets
    200iu Injections equals 50 days *
    Note: Can be used for TWO - 25 Day Diets
    The 25-30 Day Program

    Size: 5,000 IU/ Vial

    Usage Examples
    150iu Injections equals 25 days *
    200iu Injections equals 30 days *
    * Note: Syringes, Alcohol swabs and Mixing syringes Included

    Combined with 500 calories daily diet, HCG Injections can assist individuals in losing an average of upto 1 pound of fat per day

    • All HCG is from Large U.S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies (NON-Compounding)
    • Medical Doctor Tele-Consultation (Included)
    • Includes Free Overnight Shipping

    Note:HCG remains in the body for three additional days after taking the last injection.


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